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Gyllian Gerey had been looking for an opportunity to hunt monsters for a while. He went to the Golden Sanctum in search for a monster alligator, but that lead turned out useless. While at the tower, he hears from the attendant that Caddin Farwaters and Mr. Isaac have brought meat to analyze from a large sea monster attack. He goes meet them and explains he would like to hunt the sea monster that killed the whale with them, and they head back to Harmuth.

Once back at home, two shipwreck survivors tell the tale on how their ship sank due to a cracked hull that happened in the middle of the night. The group believes this to be a monster attack, and set out to prepare for a hunting trip. Captain Rodrigo Adonis is not particularly thrilled about going monster hunting, but their livelihood of fishing and trading depends on it. His crew is ill prepared for sea combat, so Gyllian, Caddin and Mr. Isaac buy their own gear of harpoons, rope and crossbows. They leave in the morning with the directions from the shipwrecked sailor.

Fengali Forest


After a couple of days they arrive at the Fengali Forest, an island made of mangrove trees far into the ocean. The captain assesses it for new trade since the ship that collected resources there is now gone.

They find the spot where the shipwreck happened, and Caddin jumps into the water. His keen senses perceive something in the distance and he cautiously retreats from the danger in the water. Tense minutes pass with no event, so they decide to chum be water with fish leftovers. This time Gyllian does detect something attracted by the scent of blood, and quickly pegs a crossbow bolt right on its head. Caddin quickly follows up with a harpoon, whose rope he has tied to the boat. The creature emerges to the surface looking for its enemies, revealing itself to be a huge hammer shark. A PTSD Mr. Isaac sees the monster and cries “You killed my boy!” and jumps onto it , sinking another harpoon, furiously sinking his broadsword in, and finally holding on the the ropes.

The shark now reacts and swims towards the bottom of the vessel at ramming speed. It creates a hole on the hull. Gyllian runs to the bottom deck and shoots his crossbow, but there is too much debris and water gushing into the ship to get a clear shot. Meanwhile Caddin and Isaac are using their might to reel in the shark by pulling on the ropes. The shark takes another bite off the ships hull, only to receive and axe swing from Gyllian before retreating.

The sailors have finally reeled in the lines enough to make the agonizing shark resurface. With a final lunge it tries to free itself from the hooks by jumping out into the air, but its strength fails it. Gyllian the monster hunter ends its pain with a sharpshooter shot from its crossbow to the beast’s head.

Hidden treasure


Mr. Isaac uses his lab equipment to analyze the shark’s teeth and mouth, but everything seems normal to him. However it does seems a creature this size would have been able to injure the whale, albeit with multiple bites. To the captain’s displeasure, they decide to open up the sharks underbelly to examine the contents in it’s stomach. There is half of a corpse of a mermaid creature inside that the shark had eaten. Isaac discovers a message in a vial in between one of it’s scales. It reads:

The lost city of Oceanis remains under the sea, and is now locked away to protect it from the end of the seventh age. Do not inform non-mer people about it’s location. For their protection, this message will self destruct now.

The blast shock the crew, but its not lethal to anyone. Caddin takes advantage that the explosion clear the stench of the air to dive into the stomach of the beast and retrieve some numenera and another object.

With Isaac’s training and insight, they discover that the object, a pen, is an artifact from the seventh age.


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