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Banana Republic

Monkey see, monkey do

Metal and Parasites

Caddin Farwaters and Mr. Isaac are uneasy about not finding metal or parasites in the shark they killed, even though its bite was a match for the beached whale they found. They start looking for clues on the metal and parasites they found on the whale.

The local blacksmith is able to collect enough of the metal shavings to put into a furnace and melt it. The amount is too little for his weary eyes to identify specifics. He recommends for the party to find a fellow named Argos, a nano who is currently working for a logging company in Keford.

They then go to the local herbalist who helped them with the antidote for the metal poisoning. She recommends for them to visit the Council of St John, a pharmaceutical company located in the City of Bridges, where she studied her arts.

Captain Rodrigo Adonis is eager to claim the trade route to Fengali Forest, and is preparing an expedition to start gathering resources. A sailor from the previous crew speaks of territorial animals protecting the center of the island, so the captain recruits Gyllian Gerey to investigate with Caddin and Mr. Isaac.

Into the Mangrove Grove


Captain Rodrigo sails for two days towing a small vessel that will transport the three adventurers to the City of Bridges after investigating the island. When they arrive, the crew starts their work collecting natural resources, while the party heads into the center of the forest. They must move by jumping from root to root, or wading through the waist-level water and climbing back up. The trip is taxing for Mr. Isaac, and they decide to sleep in some branches for the night. The next morning they resume and eventually find their way into a moat of clear water, with the center of the island hidden behind a thick hedge of mangroves. Caddin stealthily climbs it and jumps in, but when Isaac does it he is discovered by a single gorilla carrying a crossbow, which it promptly points at him. Mr. Isaac does a gravity control trick to impress the gorilla, and the gorilla indicates Isaac to follow. Gyllian Gerey jumps into the fray thinking it a dangerous situation, and more gorillas appear and escort them to the village center.

Caddin Farwaters staelthily follows, but is discovered by a female ape who gains interest in him. From a distance he sees his friends escorted to meet a gargantuan gorilla, towering over all the trees. Surprisingly, the King Ape speaks a simple version of their language. Caddin jumps in to prevent misunderstandings between the monster hunter Gyllian and the dangerous ape, explaining that they are explorers, mean no harm, and are looking for a disease that is affecting whales. Convinced, the King Ape lets them stay in their Banana Republic, and goes on a fishing expedition for an injured whale. The group collects some of the meat and say farewell to King Ape, who mentions to send his regards to Jerzy Ibrahim, the human visitor who taught him how to speak.

Big Pharma

Captain Rodrigo Adonis sails back to Harmuth, while the group sails to the City of Bridges on their own. This city is made of plateaus resting in columns above the water. The port shows signs of a difference of 5 meters between low and high tides.

They visit the Council of St John, a pharmaceutical company that makes medicine and such. They are able to examine the whale’s meat, and identify the “parasites”. They explain whales eat krill and plankton, microscopic animals and plants, which is what they just found on the meat. With the help of a numenera, Mr. Isaac is able to zoom in to examine details, and find that these krill are a different color from the original whale meat. The only common factor between the two instances are the presence of the metal.


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