Numenera - Jorge

The Unseen Lake


Mr. Isaac’s body is not handling going up mountain ranges quite well, so he tells the party that he will go find a settlement by the river and rent a horse. Meanwhile Gyllian Gerey and Caddin Farwaters continue following the general direction of the pipe, which seems to run unnaturally straight heading west.

They find themselves unprepared for the wilderness as their supplies quickly run out. Gyllian Gerey, being a hunter, tries his hand at following tracks into the forest, but gets confused along the way and finds an unexpected creature.

The creature charges and hits him in the gut. Despite its size the creature is nimble on its feet, and Gyllian believes it could be used as a mount to shorten the trek through mountainous terrain. Caddin Farwaters uses his hooks and tries to catch the nose hole in the creatures head, but its hide is remarkably tough and their attacks are quite ineffective.

They change tactics to try and tire the animals. Gyllian’s axe handle keeps the beast stunned for a long time, but Gyllian slips and hits the creature in the foot, stimulating it to howl in anger. They can barely keep it under control when they hear a second creature approaching.

Caddin gets its hooks fixed and wrestles the creature to the ground, where Gyllian’s axe does one final blow to the head and leaves it unconscious. The second creature charges and gets some good hits on the party, but eventually is dominated as well by the combined strength of the sailor and the hunter.

With much effort they are able to control the creatures the next morning to continue heading west. They make it quite swiftly through the mountains, going through rough terrain.

Caddin notices that curiously his floating sphere always leans towards where the pipe should be, acting like a compass of sorts to keep them on track. They arrive to a heavily fogged area, and quite cold one at that, too. They can barely see in front of them before the walk into the shore of a lake. They believe it’s the Unseen Lake in their map, and skirt around it looking for a pier. Eventually the creature mounts do not want to move forward and they leave them behind.

Gyllian’s hunter instincts tingle as a huge cloud passes overhead blotting the sky. It turns around and lands to reveal a huge draconic snout through the fog. The dragon is curious about the invaders and their purpose. The party wants to respond, but each breath of the creature is a glacial blast of cold. Caddin tells it about the red metallic water pipe that is potentially polluting his environment. The dragon tells them about the mining of his brethren’s home in Cloudcrystal Skyfields, and the war against the invasion of the Orlok race. Whatever contraptions they had built between the lake and the skyfields might still be active.

Their quest intrigues the dragon. He blasts his breath towards the lake to make a frozen walking path to it’s center, where there was some sort of processing plant that might be of interest.

In Case Of Red Stream, Seek Medical Attention

The party followed Monkey Kong’s lead and went looking for sick whales up north in their boat. They found them but couldn’t carry the whales, so Isaac jumped into the ocean. The synth piece of cloth that he carries with him started singing to the tune of the whales and attracting them.

They found a sickly one and followed her to shore where she died. There was metal in its mouth. They examined the beach and did find a reddish stream dumping into the ocean. Eventually they followed it to some pipes with some sort of industrial waste sludge. Following the general direction of that (it was buried underground) the found a ghost town with a sole survivor, he said the rest of inhabitants had been poisoned when the stream water turned red.

They looked at the map and found that the nearest settlement was upriver towards the capital.

Banana Republic
Monkey see, monkey do

Metal and Parasites

Caddin Farwaters and Mr. Isaac are uneasy about not finding metal or parasites in the shark they killed, even though its bite was a match for the beached whale they found. They start looking for clues on the metal and parasites they found on the whale.

The local blacksmith is able to collect enough of the metal shavings to put into a furnace and melt it. The amount is too little for his weary eyes to identify specifics. He recommends for the party to find a fellow named Argos, a nano who is currently working for a logging company in Keford.

They then go to the local herbalist who helped them with the antidote for the metal poisoning. She recommends for them to visit the Council of St John, a pharmaceutical company located in the City of Bridges, where she studied her arts.

Captain Rodrigo Adonis is eager to claim the trade route to Fengali Forest, and is preparing an expedition to start gathering resources. A sailor from the previous crew speaks of territorial animals protecting the center of the island, so the captain recruits Gyllian Gerey to investigate with Caddin and Mr. Isaac.

Into the Mangrove Grove


Captain Rodrigo sails for two days towing a small vessel that will transport the three adventurers to the City of Bridges after investigating the island. When they arrive, the crew starts their work collecting natural resources, while the party heads into the center of the forest. They must move by jumping from root to root, or wading through the waist-level water and climbing back up. The trip is taxing for Mr. Isaac, and they decide to sleep in some branches for the night. The next morning they resume and eventually find their way into a moat of clear water, with the center of the island hidden behind a thick hedge of mangroves. Caddin stealthily climbs it and jumps in, but when Isaac does it he is discovered by a single gorilla carrying a crossbow, which it promptly points at him. Mr. Isaac does a gravity control trick to impress the gorilla, and the gorilla indicates Isaac to follow. Gyllian Gerey jumps into the fray thinking it a dangerous situation, and more gorillas appear and escort them to the village center.

Caddin Farwaters staelthily follows, but is discovered by a female ape who gains interest in him. From a distance he sees his friends escorted to meet a gargantuan gorilla, towering over all the trees. Surprisingly, the King Ape speaks a simple version of their language. Caddin jumps in to prevent misunderstandings between the monster hunter Gyllian and the dangerous ape, explaining that they are explorers, mean no harm, and are looking for a disease that is affecting whales. Convinced, the King Ape lets them stay in their Banana Republic, and goes on a fishing expedition for an injured whale. The group collects some of the meat and say farewell to King Ape, who mentions to send his regards to Jerzy Ibrahim, the human visitor who taught him how to speak.

Big Pharma

Captain Rodrigo Adonis sails back to Harmuth, while the group sails to the City of Bridges on their own. This city is made of plateaus resting in columns above the water. The port shows signs of a difference of 5 meters between low and high tides.

They visit the Council of St John, a pharmaceutical company that makes medicine and such. They are able to examine the whale’s meat, and identify the “parasites”. They explain whales eat krill and plankton, microscopic animals and plants, which is what they just found on the meat. With the help of a numenera, Mr. Isaac is able to zoom in to examine details, and find that these krill are a different color from the original whale meat. The only common factor between the two instances are the presence of the metal.

Seamen chum
Sailors just wanna have fun



Gyllian Gerey had been looking for an opportunity to hunt monsters for a while. He went to the Golden Sanctum in search for a monster alligator, but that lead turned out useless. While at the tower, he hears from the attendant that Caddin Farwaters and Mr. Isaac have brought meat to analyze from a large sea monster attack. He goes meet them and explains he would like to hunt the sea monster that killed the whale with them, and they head back to Harmuth.

Once back at home, two shipwreck survivors tell the tale on how their ship sank due to a cracked hull that happened in the middle of the night. The group believes this to be a monster attack, and set out to prepare for a hunting trip. Captain Rodrigo Adonis is not particularly thrilled about going monster hunting, but their livelihood of fishing and trading depends on it. His crew is ill prepared for sea combat, so Gyllian, Caddin and Mr. Isaac buy their own gear of harpoons, rope and crossbows. They leave in the morning with the directions from the shipwrecked sailor.

Fengali Forest


After a couple of days they arrive at the Fengali Forest, an island made of mangrove trees far into the ocean. The captain assesses it for new trade since the ship that collected resources there is now gone.

They find the spot where the shipwreck happened, and Caddin jumps into the water. His keen senses perceive something in the distance and he cautiously retreats from the danger in the water. Tense minutes pass with no event, so they decide to chum be water with fish leftovers. This time Gyllian does detect something attracted by the scent of blood, and quickly pegs a crossbow bolt right on its head. Caddin quickly follows up with a harpoon, whose rope he has tied to the boat. The creature emerges to the surface looking for its enemies, revealing itself to be a huge hammer shark. A PTSD Mr. Isaac sees the monster and cries “You killed my boy!” and jumps onto it , sinking another harpoon, furiously sinking his broadsword in, and finally holding on the the ropes.

The shark now reacts and swims towards the bottom of the vessel at ramming speed. It creates a hole on the hull. Gyllian runs to the bottom deck and shoots his crossbow, but there is too much debris and water gushing into the ship to get a clear shot. Meanwhile Caddin and Isaac are using their might to reel in the shark by pulling on the ropes. The shark takes another bite off the ships hull, only to receive and axe swing from Gyllian before retreating.

The sailors have finally reeled in the lines enough to make the agonizing shark resurface. With a final lunge it tries to free itself from the hooks by jumping out into the air, but its strength fails it. Gyllian the monster hunter ends its pain with a sharpshooter shot from its crossbow to the beast’s head.

Hidden treasure


Mr. Isaac uses his lab equipment to analyze the shark’s teeth and mouth, but everything seems normal to him. However it does seems a creature this size would have been able to injure the whale, albeit with multiple bites. To the captain’s displeasure, they decide to open up the sharks underbelly to examine the contents in it’s stomach. There is half of a corpse of a mermaid creature inside that the shark had eaten. Isaac discovers a message in a vial in between one of it’s scales. It reads:

The lost city of Oceanis remains under the sea, and is now locked away to protect it from the end of the seventh age. Do not inform non-mer people about it’s location. For their protection, this message will self destruct now.

The blast shock the crew, but its not lethal to anyone. Caddin takes advantage that the explosion clear the stench of the air to dive into the stomach of the beast and retrieve some numenera and another object.

With Isaac’s training and insight, they discover that the object, a pen, is an artifact from the seventh age.

Timmy fell down the whale

Another day at the beach

Caden Farwaters had been working hard on docking the Argonaut, Captain Rodrigo Adonis’ trading ship in which he works as a sailor. His abilities to help clean fish with two hands had made him an indispensable part of the crew. Winding down for the day, he sees the largest fish he’s ever seen, stuck on the shore. However there’s someone nearby approaching it.

“Dammit, that’s my fish! I saw it first!” Caden informs his crew about his find, grabs his gear, and dashes towards the beach.

Meanwhile Mr. Isaac had been relaxing at the beach, thinking about the past with a mix of nostalgia and terror, when he sees a whale slowly get dragged by the tide onto shore. It struggles weakly, so Isaac walks into the water to approach it. It seems sick. He places his hand on it, hearing its difficult breathing, and wonders if he can help it.

“Outta my way! That fish’s mine!” shouts Caden, and throws a harpoon as soon as Isaac steps back from his surprise. The harpoon penetrates the whale’s hide, and Caden rips it sideways to tear a ragged gash to bleed out the whale. Caden is visibly disappointed and starts walking away from the bloodshed, when he notices that there’s too much blood. After Caden establishes that it’s his catch and Isaac establishes that it’s not a fish, they both examine the whale and find a six foot long bite mark. There’s a predator in their waters.

The ship’s crew spends the rest of the afternoon chopping up the whale, separating meat, hide and blubber. Isaac shows his usefulness by manipulating gravity to push rather large pieces of whale into containers. The helpers get paid as the cook starts making a whale dinner for the community which has gathered around. Everybody enjoys the meal, even though some call the meat “fishy” to Isaac’s annoyance.

Compromised Rectums

Caden feels some discomfort in his belly overnight. When he shows up at the port in the morning, half of the village is there complaining about stomach aches. Captain Rodrigo Adonis is trying to calm down the crowd, but it’s difficult with two parent’s concerned about their small child’s health. Caden’s herbalist contact doesn’t have anything soft enough to work on a small kid like Timmy and his health deteriorates rapidly. Isaak uses his anti-venom cypher on Timmy, saving his life.

Captain Rodrigo does not want to throw away the rest of their catch’s meat, and tries to investigate if the rest of the meat can be cured. Isaac lacks appropriate tools, so the Captain sends him and Caden to the Golden Sanctum, where his contact Bertram Herakles runs an alchemical lab.

Golden Sanctum

After a day-long trip, the duo arrives at the Golden Sanctum where they drop some supplies. The greeter recognizes Isaac as the author of “Everybody Falls”, the classic book on gravity that is still used for core courses in nano-technology studies. He asks for an autograph, and Isaac zones-off and writes a full-page rant about apples falling on heads, shattered dreams, and implied horror of his past. Caden feels a bit uncomfortable to say the least.

They meet Bertram, who examines the consumed meat. With a zooming nano-device he is able to find red metal particles in the whale’s meat, almost like shavings. On a hunch he tests their magnetism and finds that they are iron filings. He can’t explain why the whale would have that.

Isaac hands over the meat with the bite mark, which he suspects has some nano influence. The zooming device shows there’s a white frothing substance around the bite mark. Isaac swallows a glyph pill to enhance his own vision tenfold, and can see that the substance is composed of thousands of tiny insect-like creatures.

Eventually Bertram recognizes Isaac and also asks for an autograph of his book. Isaac starts the dedication in the book “To Bertrem, named like my son…” He excuses himself and leaves. Bertram offers some mood-changing pills he made, but they’re rejected, but he offers Isaac a parting gift regardless.

Back in Harmuth


The duo return to port with news of having to dispose of the unhealthy whale meat. Captain Rodrigo informs Caden that they might have found their predator. In the Caden hears a loud noise and splash emanating from the bay.

“But, fishes don’t make sounds…”


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