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Timmy fell down the whale

Another day at the beach

Caden Farwaters had been working hard on docking the Argonaut, Captain Rodrigo Adonis’ trading ship in which he works as a sailor. His abilities to help clean fish with two hands had made him an indispensable part of the crew. Winding down for the day, he sees the largest fish he’s ever seen, stuck on the shore. However there’s someone nearby approaching it.

“Dammit, that’s my fish! I saw it first!” Caden informs his crew about his find, grabs his gear, and dashes towards the beach.

Meanwhile Mr. Isaac had been relaxing at the beach, thinking about the past with a mix of nostalgia and terror, when he sees a whale slowly get dragged by the tide onto shore. It struggles weakly, so Isaac walks into the water to approach it. It seems sick. He places his hand on it, hearing its difficult breathing, and wonders if he can help it.

“Outta my way! That fish’s mine!” shouts Caden, and throws a harpoon as soon as Isaac steps back from his surprise. The harpoon penetrates the whale’s hide, and Caden rips it sideways to tear a ragged gash to bleed out the whale. Caden is visibly disappointed and starts walking away from the bloodshed, when he notices that there’s too much blood. After Caden establishes that it’s his catch and Isaac establishes that it’s not a fish, they both examine the whale and find a six foot long bite mark. There’s a predator in their waters.

The ship’s crew spends the rest of the afternoon chopping up the whale, separating meat, hide and blubber. Isaac shows his usefulness by manipulating gravity to push rather large pieces of whale into containers. The helpers get paid as the cook starts making a whale dinner for the community which has gathered around. Everybody enjoys the meal, even though some call the meat “fishy” to Isaac’s annoyance.

Compromised Rectums

Caden feels some discomfort in his belly overnight. When he shows up at the port in the morning, half of the village is there complaining about stomach aches. Captain Rodrigo Adonis is trying to calm down the crowd, but it’s difficult with two parent’s concerned about their small child’s health. Caden’s herbalist contact doesn’t have anything soft enough to work on a small kid like Timmy and his health deteriorates rapidly. Isaak uses his anti-venom cypher on Timmy, saving his life.

Captain Rodrigo does not want to throw away the rest of their catch’s meat, and tries to investigate if the rest of the meat can be cured. Isaac lacks appropriate tools, so the Captain sends him and Caden to the Golden Sanctum, where his contact Bertram Herakles runs an alchemical lab.

Golden Sanctum

After a day-long trip, the duo arrives at the Golden Sanctum where they drop some supplies. The greeter recognizes Isaac as the author of “Everybody Falls”, the classic book on gravity that is still used for core courses in nano-technology studies. He asks for an autograph, and Isaac zones-off and writes a full-page rant about apples falling on heads, shattered dreams, and implied horror of his past. Caden feels a bit uncomfortable to say the least.

They meet Bertram, who examines the consumed meat. With a zooming nano-device he is able to find red metal particles in the whale’s meat, almost like shavings. On a hunch he tests their magnetism and finds that they are iron filings. He can’t explain why the whale would have that.

Isaac hands over the meat with the bite mark, which he suspects has some nano influence. The zooming device shows there’s a white frothing substance around the bite mark. Isaac swallows a glyph pill to enhance his own vision tenfold, and can see that the substance is composed of thousands of tiny insect-like creatures.

Eventually Bertram recognizes Isaac and also asks for an autograph of his book. Isaac starts the dedication in the book “To Bertrem, named like my son…” He excuses himself and leaves. Bertram offers some mood-changing pills he made, but they’re rejected, but he offers Isaac a parting gift regardless.

Back in Harmuth


The duo return to port with news of having to dispose of the unhealthy whale meat. Captain Rodrigo informs Caden that they might have found their predator. In the Caden hears a loud noise and splash emanating from the bay.

“But, fishes don’t make sounds…”


BY BOY!!! cries

Timmy fell down the whale
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