Numenera - Jorge

The Unseen Lake


Mr. Isaac’s body is not handling going up mountain ranges quite well, so he tells the party that he will go find a settlement by the river and rent a horse. Meanwhile Gyllian Gerey and Caddin Farwaters continue following the general direction of the pipe, which seems to run unnaturally straight heading west.

They find themselves unprepared for the wilderness as their supplies quickly run out. Gyllian Gerey, being a hunter, tries his hand at following tracks into the forest, but gets confused along the way and finds an unexpected creature.

The creature charges and hits him in the gut. Despite its size the creature is nimble on its feet, and Gyllian believes it could be used as a mount to shorten the trek through mountainous terrain. Caddin Farwaters uses his hooks and tries to catch the nose hole in the creatures head, but its hide is remarkably tough and their attacks are quite ineffective.

They change tactics to try and tire the animals. Gyllian’s axe handle keeps the beast stunned for a long time, but Gyllian slips and hits the creature in the foot, stimulating it to howl in anger. They can barely keep it under control when they hear a second creature approaching.

Caddin gets its hooks fixed and wrestles the creature to the ground, where Gyllian’s axe does one final blow to the head and leaves it unconscious. The second creature charges and gets some good hits on the party, but eventually is dominated as well by the combined strength of the sailor and the hunter.

With much effort they are able to control the creatures the next morning to continue heading west. They make it quite swiftly through the mountains, going through rough terrain.

Caddin notices that curiously his floating sphere always leans towards where the pipe should be, acting like a compass of sorts to keep them on track. They arrive to a heavily fogged area, and quite cold one at that, too. They can barely see in front of them before the walk into the shore of a lake. They believe it’s the Unseen Lake in their map, and skirt around it looking for a pier. Eventually the creature mounts do not want to move forward and they leave them behind.

Gyllian’s hunter instincts tingle as a huge cloud passes overhead blotting the sky. It turns around and lands to reveal a huge draconic snout through the fog. The dragon is curious about the invaders and their purpose. The party wants to respond, but each breath of the creature is a glacial blast of cold. Caddin tells it about the red metallic water pipe that is potentially polluting his environment. The dragon tells them about the mining of his brethren’s home in Cloudcrystal Skyfields, and the war against the invasion of the Orlok race. Whatever contraptions they had built between the lake and the skyfields might still be active.

Their quest intrigues the dragon. He blasts his breath towards the lake to make a frozen walking path to it’s center, where there was some sort of processing plant that might be of interest.


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